Solar panel

Solar energy is not only a truly reliable and longlisting renewable energy source with cost efficient solution, if the chosen types of solar panels and the sizing is perfectly matched to the system. Such optimize system and effort into developing efficient techniques to generate, use and store the sun’s energy by using different type of solar panels and converting the sunlight photon to require electricity. Generally solar panels come in various sizes & wattages, and multi factors can impact their dimensions, including total wattage required, solar cell type and solar panel material. 

How to choose a solar panel

This guide will help you to choose the best solar panel for your project. Use this handy reference table to compare the facts. Quickly see the difference in features, performance and more. Make an informed decision so you know what you are buying. However, these products are ever-changing, with new models or capabilities being added all the time. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with the industry.

Watt type of pannel Max voltage Max Current Max Efficiency Dimension
500 Mono Solar Panel 47.17V 15.53A 22.90% 2385mm/1303mm/35mm
550 Mono Solar Panel 31.6V 17.4A 21.28% 2384mm/1098mm/35mm
405 Mono Solar Panel 40.6V 9.98A 20.13% 2008mm/1002mm/35mm

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