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Akaa Solar team of solar car parking experts can guide you from start to finish and help your business save money, reduce emissions, and secure future energy generation for years to come.


How can we power your future today?

Helping home and business owners who dream of living a more sustainable lifestyle and want to save money using modern solar panel and battery technology. The main focus to increase the sustainable use of PV solar energy source to minimize energy cost and environmental impact in a way that includes households and businesses owner for meet their own need.


Feasibility study

We gather data on car park layout, location and usage, electrical systems and energy consumption, connection to the grid and property searches.


Design & Plan

We design and optimise the system; ensuring planning permissions and grid agreements are in place and options to incorporate the latest battery technology are reviewed.


Feasibility study

We manufacture and construct the carport and solar PV system, with full site management adhering to CDM regulations and including cabling, trenching and connections.



Once operational, our specialist Operations & Maintenance team manages and maintains the system to ensure optimum performance and peace of mind.

Solar Car Parking shade Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE

we are the best Solar Car Parking Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE ( Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah) and all over the Middle East. Our high-quality overhead solar canopies are built to withstand the harsh weather of the Middle East region.

For more than 10 years, we have been working closely with renewable energy experts, to redefine and bring innovation to a complete line of steel carports specifically for solar energy applications. Our commitment towards the mother earth and the recent advent of renewable energy usage pushed us to produce more solar carports as part of a utility or commercial-scale project.

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Going solar is a smart move Everything you Need

Our Technology

We offer a range of complementary renewable energy technologies to ensure the best possible results. By merging these technologies, we can help you to save your business money whilst offering carbon reductions. Our revolutionary solar energy solutions can help your business to reach net zero.

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A solar energy system uses the unproductive dead space on your roof, land, or water to harness the Sun’s rays and convert them into power that can be used in your building or stored for later use.

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Solar Car Parking

Turn your car park into a reliable source of renewable energy for your site by installing a ground-mounted canopy, maximising your generational capacity.

Battery Storage

Batteries can be used to reduce your electrical requirements, provide back-up power, capture excess energy from wind or solar and – in some cases – provide uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

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EV charging

Now electric vehicles (EVs) are mainstream, you can empower your business with EV charging points for your clients and staff; reduce emissions, save money, and develop your firm’s environmental credentials!

Solar car parking kit supplier in UAE

Solar kit

Turn your car park into a reliable source of renewable energy for your site by installing a ground-mounted canopy, maximising your generational capacity.

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Smart Grid

A smart grid facilitates dynamic control of your electrical infrastructure by linking the existing and emerging technologies we offer together. Through this connection, you are able to maximize the benefits – both financial and environmental .

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Advantage of solar car parking shade

Protection from the sun

A solar car parking shade provides protection from the sun's heat and UV rays, which can damage the exterior and interior of a car.

Energy savings:

Solar shades can generate electricity through photovoltaic panels, which can be used to power lighting and other electrical devices in the parking area. This can result in energy savings for the owner of the parking lot.

Cooler parking environment:

Solar parking shades can help to keep the parking area cooler, which can make it more comfortable for people to park their cars and for workers to perform maintenance tasks.

Enhanced aesthetics:

Solar add an aesthetic touch to a parking lot and make it look more attractive and modern.

Increased property value:

It can increase the value of a property by providing a desirable feature for potential buyers or renters.

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